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SHOPPING EXTENSIONS: PART I : Matching Your Hair Color


I typically break hair color into three parts : roots, base (or primary color), and nape.

Roots: roots are important because it helps us determine what color the attachment will be for your extension. But that's where it ends. NEVER, EVER (I repeat never, ever) MATCH THE ROOTS. Always, always match the ends of your hair. If you have brown roots and blond ends and you buy brown hair it will be a very sad day.

Find EVERY SINGLE COLOR you see in your hair on the beauty supply's color swatch, the more colors you find, the more natural unless you have black or darkest brown hair. Whenever possible, find blends with more than one color in the bundle, it makes for a softer, more natural look. Note all the colors and determine the primary color, we call this the base. The base is the most dominant color, make sure you get more of the base color than any other color. Without determining your base, the extensions will not blend. If you are a true 50/50 mix of two colors, that's fine, get equal amounts.

MATCH THE HAIR AROUND YOUR NECK. Do you have a dark nape? Don't forget to match that too. If you have a really dark nape but don't want to go that dark, that's fine. Find the color that falls between your base and your nape. Just one bundle should do the trick to give your hair some realistic depth. Without the darker color for the nape, your very dark, short hair will stick out like a sore thumb and give you away.

TIP: spread out color swatch, fan style, and put your hair on TOP with the swatch poking out underneath.

TIP: can't decide inbetween two colors, go outside and see them in the sun. The natural light will reveal subtle undertones you won't notice in artificial light.


You can have fun and create highlights with extensions. Only go a shade or two lighter than your base color for a natural look. If you want to go extremely lighter or want to use extensions for color correction (yes that's a thing) or for an ombré look, stop trying to DIY your extensions and book a face to face consultation. Color correction can get complicated and you don't want to waste money on the wrong thing. If you want to do creative highlights like red, pink, blue, etc Just get one bundle for a pop of color.

TIP: Any highlight bundles should BE IN ADDITION TO what you're need to create a natural look. Don't substitute.

You may need to purchase microlinks for your service. If so, purchase large protubes. Beads without silicone is less bulky and our experience is that silicone pops out of the bead after your first maintenance anyway so save the bulk and the money and go without. If you want a damage free microlink system, ask about the Hairlocs and Dream Catchers systems with their patented rubber tip (it's like silicone built into the tip). FOR BEADS, ALWAYS MATCH THE ROOTS. If you have blonde hair and brown roots, get brown microlinks. No one wants to see your Light yellow beads poking through your brown roots. It's not cute.


If you're fortunate enough to live in

Los Angeles, then you are fortunate to have The Hair Shop, , (as well as others) near you. They have a multitude of hair types including, Asian, European, and Indian hair and have the most extensive color selection we've ever seen. They do local delivery same day for around $30 and have multiple locations including in Hollywood, the Valley, and Orange County.

Other Suppliers we like are:

If you live in Dallas or outside of Los Angeles, you'll have to eyeball it in the online store (not recommended) or buy a color swatch from the company you're considering. We love companies like The a Hair Shop since you can place an order through the phone if you're not a stylist and you can see their catalogue online.

For highly textured natural hair, we recommend bundles from

If you're in a pinch Sally's brand Satin Strands is actually pretty decent and will last you 2 to 3 months, maybe more if you're using their darker, less processed hair.

Need help deciding which method to do? CLICK HERE and do a virtual consultation. It's only $9.99. You'll still need to have your color matched or if you'd like to schedule an in person consultation, click here.

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