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If you're fortunate enough to live in sunny Los Angeles, then you are fortunate to have The Hair Shop near you. They have a multitude of hair types including, Asian, European, and Indian hair and have the most extensive color selection we've ever seen. They do local delivery same day for around $30 and have multiple locations including in Hollywood, the Valley, and Orange County.

If you live in Dallas or outside of Los Angeles, you'll have to eyeball it in the online store (not recommended) or buy a color swatch from the company you're considering. If you're purchasing from The Hair Shop, you can only place an order through the phone if you're not a stylist but you can see their catalogue online.

For highly textured natural hair, we recommend bundles from

If you're in a pinch Sally's brand Satin Strands is actually pretty decent and will last you 2 to 3 months, maybe more if you're using their darker, less processed hair.

Need help deciding which method to do? Go here and do a virtual consultation. It's only $9.99. You'll still need to have your color matched.

Want a face to face consultation to get a fully customized plan? Book your consultation HERE.

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